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Who We Are

Jubilee Budget Advisory Service Ltd is a non-profit charitable company owned by the Jubilee Christian Charitable Trust.

Based in Invercargill, we are a free and confidential service funded by various Government departments and local organisations, helping people to manage their finances and household budgets.

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What We Do

Jubilee provides budgeting advice and education to teach and empower people how to be good stewards with their money and live a life less complicated by debt.

Our aim is to empower people with knowledge and resources to better equip them and positively impact both their families and their communities.

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Our Services

Our budget advisors are trained and experienced in all areas of finance, offering total service for you and your finances.  Our services include:

  •  Simple to understand budget advice
  •  Cash flow advice and planning
  •  Financial Education
  •  Negotiation with Creditors
  •  And more …

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